How everyone feels about spring testing

It’s Spring Testing time and there are different feelings about it.  Some are happy and excited and others despise the idea of its existence.

What’s the hardest part about testing?

“The questions will be hard”-Anthony Heusehel,8

“Math and focusing”-Katie Johnson,8

“Math”-Maddy Surh,7

“Language”-Marin Hartless,7

“Having to sit for 4 hours”-Justin Sotelo,7

“Having no music”-Jacob Warren,7

Do you think testing will help you understand the subject?

“Depends on the test” Triniti Vizza,7

“No”-Valeria Delgado

“Depends on the question”-Anthony Huesehel,8

Are students nervous about the state test and why?

yes, because whenever we do it it feels like they are judging on smartness, afraid of not doing good- Katie Johnson,8

Yes because you’re”Not having a lot of time”Triniti Vizza,7

“Yes, because it’ll be hard and there is pressure because it’s a test.”-Anthony Huesehel,8

“Yes, because I care about my grades and want to do a good job”-Marin Hartless,7

Do you prefer the paper test or the digital test?

“Paper, because I had trouble in the past with technology”-Valeria Delgado,7

Paper, it takes a long time to get the computer up and runnign and paper and pencil is easier-Maddy Surh,7

Paper, because the computer glitches and has problems-Madi Gaul,7

“Digital copy because I think it’ll be easier”-Jacob Warren,7

“Digital, it’s less stress on your hands”-Justin Sotelo,7

Let us know what your answers would!!