Harvest Animation Student Goes to the Teen Animation Festival International



Lexi Sario, an eighth grader here at Harvest Middle School just had an amazing opportunity to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, to attend the Teen Animation Festival International 2017, on Saturday April 29th. Her animation was submitted in the PSA  (Public Service Announcement) category against other high school and college students and was one of the three to be screened at the festival. It was brought to our attention what Lexi had accomplished so we decided to ask her a few questions.


Q&A with Lexi


Q:What was your animation about?

A: “ PSA about sexism and gender inequality and websites to go get help.”


Q:What inspired you to create this?

A: “ Very bigoted things happen everyday and there are issues that need to be acknowledged.”


Q:How long did it take to make the animation?

A:” I think everything took like 2-3 months.”


Q:Where did you find out about the contest?

A:” Social Media, Internet.”


Q: How did you find out you won, and how did you react?

A: “ I was shocked! Mr.Demarco ( Animation Teacher) received an e-mail and forwarded it to me and my dad.”


Q:What was your experience attending this festival?

A: “ It was nice to be featured with high school and college students. But it was also very intimidating because they looked like they could be professional.”

We are very proud of Lexi and you should be too! So if you ever get a chance to see her around campus make sure to congratulate her!