ISA Bilingual Program Wins National Award

For the past several years HMS has had a Spanish program with ISA (International Spanish Academy), and very recently we have been lucky enough to receive an 1st place award for best bilingual Spanish speaking school in the entire United States!  A few days ago we went to Ms. Fernandez’s classroom to interview her and this is what she said.

How did you feel about receiving this award?

I feel Very proud of being a hawk.

How much hard work did it take for you to get here?

It took a long time and several years of effort from the immersion and the ISA teachers to get the award.

Did you ever think that Harvest would win this award?

I thought that we had a lot of possibilities but I never thought that we would have ever won first prize for the whole United States so it was a nice surprise.

What did you think when you got the news?

“I was really excited I couldn’t even believe it when I read the Email I was like amazed we had won it.

Is there anything else that you would like to say about the award?

I think the ISA students feel really proud of getting the award and also the whole harvest school should be really proud of themselves because of the hard work this award is for the students.