Favorite moments of 8th grade

Timmy and I around the school asking 8th graders what their favorite part of 8th grade was. And the results were amazing, a lot of students favorite parts were some of their teachers. Some kids said that Mrs. Franco was their favorite part of the school year because she has a sense of humor and is a fun teacher. Some people said Mrs. Griegg because she is helpful and helps you study.

We were looking through all of our answers to see what were students favorite part of the year of 8th grade to find out are results were that 8th-grade students favorite part of the year was Mr. Paniagua because he is super chill and he is one of the nicest teachers here at harvest. He lets you do anything you want to do and he doesn’t care what you do as long as you get you work done and that was the favorite part of the 8th-grade year was Mr. Paniagua.

And the second favorite part of the 8th grade school year was Mrs. Franco and Mrs. Hurtado. Because she is super nice and they are super chill and really fun to be in their class because they are one of the funniest teachers and know how to make you laugh. And they don’t care what you do as long as you get your work done on time and as long as your not doing anything your not supposed to do. And that you get your work in on time.

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