Eyes of the Hawk

1402 and 811 the Accident

April 27, 2018

1402 and 811 the Accident On the date, 4/12/18 at around 3:00, an alarm went off at Harvest Middle School and I am here to tell you why and how. In Mrs. Banta's room, two kids clicked a button that causes the old alarm sys...

People’s Preferred Pasta

Kyle Hadeler/Bryan Chin/Nathaniel Alvelo, Interviewers and Writers

April 27, 2018

Peoples' Preferred Pasta Writer Kyle / Interviewers Nathaniel and Bryan   Pasta is a comfort food to some to others it is just a normal food, but everyone likes some type of pasta. If you are saying to yourself right now that you don’t like pasta you are wrong, you like some type of pasta. These are the types of...

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